Your First Step to Network Security

Created by Joe Nemastil on 2012-02-23

The most basic first step to protecting your technology network is to get a firewall, and password-protect it. The very first thing a network attacker (human or virtual) will do is scan your network for open ports. If an open port is found, your network and everything on it can and probably will be accessed. A firewall prevents this by closing any port that does not need to be open.

If you have a network router, there is a good chance you may already have a firewall. Most decent routers include, at minimum, basic firewall functionality. Out of the box, they also are typically secured with a very predictable password. If you haven't yet changed the password on your network router and/or firewall, do it right now. If your password is "admin" or "password" or any other generic term, you're exposing yourself to unnecessary risk of a network breach.

It may take you a few minutes of flipping through a users manual or searching Google to figure out how to set up a username and password for your network firewall, but by doing so you are creating a first line of defense against hackers, attackers, and botnets.

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