Top All-Around Productivity Apps for Smartphones

Created by Joe Nemastil on 2012-02-14

How do you use your smartphone? Are you aware of its capabilities? Many smartphone users simply do not know how powerful these small machines are. If you use your phone for business, you can save time and increase productivity by taking advantage of some of our favorite applications. Here are our top four must-have apps for business users.

(iOS, Android, BlackBerry)

Nearly all businesses rely on electronic documentation in some capacity. If your business does, you need Dropbox. This app is compatible across almost every platform. With Dropbox, you can bring your files with you anywhere, edit them with your phone (especially if you utilize the next app on our list- Quickoffice), and share freely with virtually anyone.

(iOS, Android, Symbian)

Quickoffice gives you the ability to instantly and easily create, edit, modify and save Microsoft Office files from any device. Not only will this app allow you to edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, you can also use it to view PDF files. This app is continuously evolving and currently offers full cloud compatibility, simple file management, and extra options such as two-finger zoom and flick scrolling.

(iOS, Android, WinMo)

Do you receive business cards frequently? If so, this app is for you. The CamCard utilizes the camera on your phone to photograph a business card. It then is able to automatically recognize the data provided on the card, organize it, and save it as a contact in your phone address book. Bonus: CamCard supports several different languages!

QR Code Reader:
(iOS, Android, Windows)

If you haven't yet scanned a QR code, this app may not seem very important to you but we are here to tell you that it is a must-have. Sooner or later, you will be in a situation where scanning a QR code will be necessary. The problem is, you really cannot predict where a certain code will take you. QR codes are simply hyperlinks lacking words or characters, which makes them more vulnerable in terms of possible abuse. The Norton Snap QR Code Reader is similar to having a little phone bodyguard. It provides a barrier between your phone/data and wherever that link may take you by checking on the safety of the destination. Viruses are not just for computers anymore.

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