Technology Challenges

Created by Joe Nemastil on 2009-06-23

In the current economy, businesses with a viable web strategy for sales/marketing have posted 26% increases in revenue (year to year periods). The way they're doing it is by integrating CRM, email marketing, contact management, and web presence (read web sites). Businesses going through merger and/or acquisition are faced with integrating two often-different, and sometimes outdated IT infrastructures. There's a play available to accomplish both goals.

A web strategy, by virtue of what it takes to develop a viable solution, assuages the disparate integration problem and drives revenue. The bottom line in any successful web strategy development effort is that the following gets studied:

  • key messaging
  • sales process
  • the customer/prospect buying process

Integrating appropriate technology over the knowledge from that study creates the viable web strategy.

Here's what happens in a successful web strategy deployment:

  • Niche markets are identified
  • Marketing/Sales campaigns are targeted
  • Key messaging is automated

When a company is making these thing happen, sales growth and revenue result.

There are a few consulting outfits who have the methodology and business relationships to pull this off. Their problem is that business owners can point to countless failures of any one of the technology components mentioned previously; those are namely CRM, email marketing, web sites, and contact management.

Technology isn't to blame, it's the methodology that's at fault in those implementations. Start with business process aimed at appropriate markets and you won't go wrong.

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