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Insurance Industry


A mid-sized provider of workers comp insurance products and services wanted to better utilize their expensive and talented IT director, and put more focus on their strategic web application.

Instead, the IT Director was spending much of his time on other IT support issues. The president of the company summarized the following issues:

  • Noncompliance of software licensing was exposing the company to unnecessary risk.
  • Continuing infections with viruses and other desktop problems were causing undesirable down time.
  • Desktop support was reducing the effectiveness of their IT staff in handling other more strategic business issues, such as web application support.

In addition, the company was planning to move their facility and wanted to explore options to their current telephone and network services provider.


The NT Group was hired to perform a short consult and describe options, including budget, vendor, and solution descriptions.


The NT Group delivered a written findings report that laid out options and budget for three solutions. The customer implemented hosted service offerings for VoIP, desktop, and applications software that:

  • reduced the customer's overall IT spending
  • eliminated the customer's issues with downtime on desktop applications
  • improved the customer's application toolset by adding MS Exchange Server
  • provided a fixed and predictable IT expense budget
  • provided increased voice application feature sets and availability
  • improved internal IT staffing ability to focus on strategic business issues
  • eliminated noncompliance issues with software licensing

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