Financial Services Firms


This company wanted more flexibility for their personnel. They wanted to have options for employees to work at home or on the road.  They also wanted to increase productivity and sales revenue.

This required making improvements to their IT infrastructure in both voice and data applications. The company was struggling with a number of problems including outdated application server software, desktop virus problems, application software that was taking an excessive time to implement, and a mobile workforce that was having difficulty accessing existing applications.


The NT Group made recommendations, and delivered a findings report that described the budget and architecture for voice over IP (VoIP) applications, and software as a service (SaaS) desktop and server infrastructure.


Over the next year, the customer implemented both VoIP and SaaS architectures. Desktop virus and support issues were eliminated, IT expenses became fixed and predictable, and application software issues were resolved. The customer's mostly sales mobile workforce became more productive, growing the business by 20% in the following twelve months. The new infrastructure provided the capability needed for the customer to implement a "Results Oriented Working Environment" or ROWE, and was recently highlighted on "Good Morning America".

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