Driving Revenue with Technology

Created by Joe Nemastil on 2010-12-15

Where Do We Go From Here?

During these difficult economic conditions, business owners I talk with have made deep cuts in expenses. On the flip side, many I've talked with recently are struggling with how to grow revenue; they feel they've cut expenses as deeply as possible, and now must sell their way out of the situation.

A quick assessment of your technology can reveal good options for making changes in key areas that will drive sales productivity.

About twenty percent of the time, the assessment reveals opportunities to reallocate existing technology expense. In these cases, the business usually hasn't made changes to their technology infrastructure in over three years. Because costs for technology goods and services have come down in the same period, reallocation of existing expense dollars is possible.

These "found monies" can then be used to offset costs for improving systems and tools targeted to help sales people. Contact management systems, sales training tools, pipeline management systems, and other technology can drive sales productivity.

In tough times in worst cases, technology can help companies gain an edge. And in best cases, you can leapfrog competition. The challenge is usually financing the effort with available cash flow. A quick, inexpensive assessment by the right firm can be a great first step.

Here's a Tip – If you do an assessment, make sure your IT consultant's findings are either going to show you options that reduce or reallocate expenses or drive sales. The bottom line is that if you're going to spend money on IT in this economy, it must have viable return on investment and/or lower total cost of ownership.

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