Technology Utilization Assessment

This quick and easy assessment will give you insights about how effectively your business utilizes technology.  You'll also get a few recommendations that others in your situation have found useful.

For each statement below, simply indicate your level of agreement or disagreement; a "5" indicates strong agreement and a "1" indicates strong disagreement.

To begin, we ask for only some basic information, in case you decide you'd like to make further contact with us.  After you see the results of your assessment, you'll have the option to opt in for further contact.  If you don't opt in, you won't be contacted - ever. Here's more about our privacy policy.

For each statement below, rate your business depending on how strongly you agree or disagree with the statement.

1 - Strongly disagree

2 - Somewhat disagree

3 - Neither agree nor disagree

4 - Somewhat agree

5 - Strongly agree

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